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Your trusted source for life enhancing tools and services.

To live during these times we all deserve affordable and trusted options to protect, heal and detox. Without a healthy body and mind to do what we are meant to do we cannot be happy or successful.  Even our pets are being injured due to WIFI

EMF or man made radiation or microwave energy has thousands of studies indicating biological damages to cells and causing rise in cortisol and free radicals - inflammation in other words.  Using Shungite has been proven mainly in Russia as both a radiation/wifi/cell or just say EMF protector as well as water detoxification tool.  The devices we have personally tested to provide this type of protection.  It does not eliminate the signal but changes the signal to be more biocompatible.  Studies cited can be found in Regina Martino's book, Shungite, Protection, Healing and Detoxification book.  Many Russian studies also are available for those who can read Russian. 

To live divinely well  begins with you knowing you are divine beings having an earthly experience.  Shield your family using energetic products Mother Earth and Infinite intelligence as made available.  Enjoy!

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