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Blue Agate with Shungite Bracelet

(8mm beads with a single 10mm bead in the center)

Small, Medium & Large sizes available

Choose your bracelet size:

  • The small bracelet is sized for smaller wrists or children. Someone with a 6 inch wrist will find this size to be “snug” not “tight” and due to the elasticity can actually be worn on a 7 inch wrist.
  • The medium bracelet is sized for larger wrists. Someone with a 7 inch wrist will find this size to be “snug” not “tight” and due to the elasticity can actually be worn on an 8 inch wrist.
  • The large bracelet is sized for larger wrists. Someone with an 8 1/2 inch wrist will find this size to be “snug” not “tight” and due to the elasticity can actually be worn on a 9 inch wrist.


Physical Properties of Shungite

In Karelia, Russia near the village of Shunga is a mineral deposit that came from space 2.5 billion years ago. The 800 square miles of the deposit is largely composed of carbon mixed with other minerals. In certain areas of the deposit there are high concentrations of carbon ranging from 65-98%. This is called Elite or Noble Shungite and is shiny, rather brittle and expensive. When the carbon content drops to 35-65% the Shungite is much harder, not brittle, not shiny and is the Shungite most people know. Shungite is unique because it has carbon molecules not identified until 1985. These unique carbon molecules are called fullerenes. Unlike other carbon-based graphite or diamond where carbon atoms are on a flat plane, fullerenes have an atomic pattern creating molecules having an interior. The most perfect shape uses 60 carbon atoms in an atomic pattern duplicating the geometry of an American soccer ball. This is the C60 molecule nicknamed the Buckyball. Shungite is the only known mineral possessing C60 molecules in any quantity.


Metaphysical Properties of Shungite

Shungite is known as a water purifier also able to attenuate damaging electromagnetic fields, radiation energy and toxic elements. These abilities are attributed to the powerful C60 energy fields and are explainable by quantum physics. These same fields work to balance and stabilize human, animal and plant energy systems. The most metaphysical property of Shungite is enhancing an individual’s ability to access knowledge and abilities beyond the Third-Dimensional five senses


Metaphysical Properties of Blue Agate

Blue Agate is a beautiful and highly spiritual stone. It can enlighten and at the same time ground you. If you’re feeling anxious, lonely or desperate it is one of the best stones that you can have in your life. When it comes to its healing properties, Blue Agate can bring tranquility and peace and will get rid of all the blockages in your area that prevent you from determining the answers. It also carries subtle energies that can help you in achieving stability and balance. It removes negative emotions and thoughts and more happiness and love into your life. Keep on reading to learn more about the meanings, properties and uses of Blue Agate.

The vibration of this stone is also one of tranquility, grace and peace. It is a comforting and nurturing crystal that comes with definite maternal feels to the power it shares and confers on with its wearer. Blue Agate is also a silicate and also has 6.5 to 7 hardness on the Mohs scale

Blue Agate with Shungite

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