S4 Shungite Rubber Discs have an approximately 2.25 inch diameter - 1/8th inch thick (non-latex - 100% Silicone Based)


Adding a special blend of Shungite powder & S4 powder to rubber produced an energy field that has a unique frequency extremely compatible with physical healing. Shungite Rubber is flexible but retains it shape, is 100% waterproof & can be hand washable with mild soap. Can be cut into any size to fit your needs.


Like all Shungite based energy products, your thoughts are a powerful ingredient in the effectiveness of this Shungite Rubber field.


Personal Note: My interpretation of the Shungite Rubber is it creates an energy field that is cocoon like. You should make a mental image of what specific ailment you may want addressed and put the pad over that area (or lay on the pad). In my case it was skeletal issues; I had been going to a chiropractor every 3-4 weeks for 25 years. Since using the Shungite Pad I have not gone for the last 8 months! - NLH


Testimonial from Silvia:


Hi Nancy!


I have been playing with the rubber for a week now and I am impressed! I write down my impressions as I experienced them so far:




* It smooths the energetic/electromagnetic field that surrounds the body


* The body gets a soft and liquid feeling inside, the cells sighed with relief, clearly feeling nourished and balanced


* Feels like cell communication is better, I also think I can communicate better with the body, like a telephone line into the body and I understand better how it feels.


* The Shungite Rubber entity communicates with the body-entity and beyond


* When I put the rubber under my pillow I felt like sleeping on a cloud


* Sleeping on it is more energizing but I do not remember dreams better


* It feels feminine but neutral also. I guess it could be masculine as well


* When placing the rubber on an aching body part, the area covered starts tingling. The tingle spreads into the body's energetic field as well as deep into the body but the body doesn't feel so dense anymore


* The Shungite element works corrective: a "too much" of energy is released, a lack of energy is gently refilled, Yin/Yang-balance


* During the day I have the rubber in an envelope made of cardboard, either sitting on it while sitting on a chair or on a big rubber sitting ball. When I start the day with an aching back, it corrects itself within the first hour.


VISIONS: I laid it on my head when streaming consciousness. Streaming consciousness to me is like turning on soul+consciousness-TV. I go into this quest every other night with the idea of gaining some sort of information about mostly myself. I often get comic-like visions, I perceive them mostly in grayish Manga-style. When I streamed with the rubber on, I had high definition vision! It was super sci-fi, colored and clearly shaped. When I went into dream-state, the dream felt much more vivid and colorful.


IMPRESSION: The thickness of the material and its density has a special energetic quality. I think the effects would be slightly different, if the rubber was softer/harder.


EXPERIMENT: I cut a slice off and split it into 4 parts, each the length of a thumb. I placed the four around the body: two into the bra and two into the trouser pockets. My spine is very balanced now and I have no more pains in my legs when I have a long day standing at work. It is not ideal to put the rubber in shoes because one hasn't much space in there.

Shungite Rubber Disc