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Shungite Magnets (various shapes available) are made from blending 100% pure Karelian Shungite powder with 99.9% pure silver particles (silver is in the form of nano-sized colloidal silver). Next we take the enhanced Silver Shungite Powder blend and mix it with a plastic resin, which is then poured into the various shapes. In addition Shungite Magnets have a nickel cadmium magnet embedded in their center providing the "energetic link/connection" to the many devices the magnets can be placed on. (ie: refrigerator, washer/dryer, dish washer, freezer, heat-pump, water-heater, water-pumps, vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles etc), or any device with a motor or electrical current providing it power. DO NOT USE ON MICROWAVE OVENS


All magnet shapes work similarly


Available Shapes:


  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Cat
  • Dog


NOTE: THESE MAGNETS WILL NOT PASS THE SHUNGITE FLASH LIGHT TEST. The Silver Shungite powder is blended with resin (plastic) and will not conduct the electric signal.


  • Place anywhere on the refrigerator or vehicle with the side showing the smaller/silver color magnet facing toward the refrigerator/device. 



  • Observations indicate that food in the refrigerator tastes better and lasts longer. The Silver Shungite S4-magnetic field purification capability helps to eliminate toxins from the environment in and surrounding the refrigerator. Your kitchen should feel more comfortable. We also have many reports of lower electric bills resulting from refrigerators running more efficiently. In fact, we warn customers to carefully monitor the cold setting as most refrigerators will become colder within hours of having the Shungite Magnet attached.



  • Due to the Shungite Magnets effect on the Orgone Field, vehicles engines experience less resistance when running, leading to a savings in fuel due to engines not needing to work as hard.

Shungite Resin Magnet

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