Shungite Animal/Pet Pendant or Keychain

(photo is an example, size/shape & wire color will vary)


  • If your pet is less than appx 10 lbs please make a note in the order notes so a smaller sized Shungite nugget is chosen for wrapping.


The copper wire is 18 gauge and will tarnish. Large rugged ring can be put directly on the collar (dogs, farm animals). For those who do not want to wear a pendant, this can be used as a keychain (or attached to backpacks) to be carried in your pocket. (we suggest avoid using with cats, their claws could become caught)


Shungite is a magnificent gift from Gaia. Its existence on Earth has not been explained. The Shungite sold on this site comes from the Zazhoginsky deposits in the Russian Republic of Karelia near the eastern border of Finland. We consider every piece of Shungite to be a sacred gift and we treat it as such. 

Shungite Pendant for Pets or Keychain