NOTE: Shungite S4 Magnets are made of Shungite S4 Powder within resin, which is a type of plastic.


Magnets come in various shape and they all work the same.


Shungite S4 Magnets can be placed anywhere on the refrigerator, washer/dryer, heat/oil pumps, air conditioners, vehicles, dishwashers, power-tools/lawn mower or any device with a motor. Reported observations indicate that food in the refrigerator tastes better and lasts longer. The Shungite S4-magnetic field purification capability appears to eliminate all toxins from the environment in and surrounding the refrigerator. We also have many reports of lower electric bills resulting from devices running more efficiently. In fact, we warn customers to carefully monitor the cold setting as most refrigerators will become colder within hours of having the Shungite Magnets attached.


While anecdotal data supports the above claims, research testing is ongoing and preliminary results are being reported from monitored electric bills of a 20% decrease with one Shungite Magnet. All our products are guaranteed.


If you're placing magnet on a vehicle we suggest from either front-seat simply reaching under-the-dash and letting the magnet adhere to any piece of metal. If using on refrigerators/freezers magnets can be placed at any location there is metal to attach to.


Shungite Magnet