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Round Coaster – powerful little coaster to detox your beverage of choice and your nearby device. 


Round Silicone disc approximately 4 inches in diameter and 1/8 inch thick does double duty – place near workstation as a coaster for a hot or cold cup/glass and also creates an energy field of protection from devices. We have found it useful to place on pain spots on body such as knees or arms.  The blend of Shungite power and silver with 100% silicone produce a gentle energy field that clears the negative energy and attenuates wireless EMF fields.   Be creative with uses of the coaster – under or near a vase to keep flowers fresh for example.  


To care for the disc, simply wash with soap and water and dry. 


Remember your thoughts are powerful and Shungite does connect us to the quantum field. 

Round Disc

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