"Silver Saturated Shungite Smoke" (S4) Pyramid is 1-6/10 inches long. No two are identical. ORDER IS FOR ONE PYRAMID. (Pyramids are made from Shungite S4 resin, not solid Shungite)


Shungite by its very nature, is a doorway into the quantum field; in its pure form it pulls back into the quantum field energies, elements and essences that are degrading to life, this is why Shungite is being used successfully in many parts of the world to neutralize chemical and energy contamination.


On the other hand, Shungite saturated with silver becomes directional in its energy flow and keeps the door open to the quantum field in the direction of the local reality, so quantum potentials, energies not yet imbued with form, can be easily and effectively brought in.to manifestation. 


Silver saturated Shungite Powder or “S4” is found to be so powerful that only a small amount can be as effective as several specimens of pure Shungite.


Captured in a resin matrix and shaped with Sacred Geometry, it is a powerful tool of manifestation.