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Torsion Fields and Shungite

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Frequency Movement - attenuate by Shungite energy

We were never taught in school about our bodies being a frequency field or that the man made radiation such as microwave ovens, microwaves used by industry, wifi, cell towers, cell phones, electricity -- all are unhealthy and toxic to the body. When are bodies are hit with this energy frequency that is not biocompatible with ours, scientist have found it creates DNA damages and also initiates many reactions in the body.

By using Shungite - the S4 Stickers, the nuggets, the shungite jewelry and magnets for example we are making man made frequencies more compatible. We are creating a shield in a way but more than a shield because rather than blocking, we are transforming the incoming signals hitting our bioenergetic fields. Clearly whenever possible it is best to turn off devices, place them in Off mode or airplane mode to reduce the intrusion.

According to Regina Martino author of Shungite, Protection, Healing and Detoxification (p. 68), "...The transformative effect of shungite appears essentially at the bioenergetic level; once could say that it transforms a left torsion influence into a right torsion influence." She used many complex tests and equipment which she describes in her book but all I have is muscle testing and pendulum to confirm this fact. When I use muscle testing or pendulum, it confirms that the field is changed. I was skeptical to be honest but once a sensitive energy person like myself felt shungite for the first time I knew that it was not just a rock. Once I started to use muscle testing to confirm facts as true or false, it cleared many of my questions.

I've even noticed our pets respond with less crazy behavior and increased peace.

So next time you place a device on your body, think about how those signals are truly interacting with your cells: counterclockwise = attacks.

Keep learning and reading Regina's book listed above as well listening to Nancy Hopkins at Cosmic Reality radio talks on youtube.

Learn more about wifi:

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